“The mind controls everything”…. said Stephen Braybrook, the creator of BRAIN-MOVE, a biomechanics and movement expert led an informative and interesting presentation entitled, “Building your First Aid BRAIN-MOVE tool box”.

The human mind, always on alert for danger, prepares the body for action to ensure its survival. The body, having no power of discernment, carries out the functions instructed by the brain. Thus the body will sacrifice of optimal functioning of one or more systems, be it a calm and stable respiratory system, adequate circulation, or balanced adrenal functioning, to carry out the mind’s mandate for safety and survival

The result is a plethora of symptoms described as “stress” which can include excess tension, digestive issues, insomnia, stiffness, fatigue, pain, etc. Environmental triggers such as loud noises and cognitive processes such as obsessive worry/fear thoughts send signals from the mind to the body to get into gear to deal with perceived danger- even when the apparent danger is misplaced or imagined.

Humans, unlike wild animals, tend to hang on to their perceived threats long after the danger has passed. Thus, even when the threat of danger is gone, the symptoms of fear, remain present and homeostasis is compromised. Have you ever noticed that when you are relaxed and calm, little things don’t bother you? And when in more volatile environments, you feel less accepting and more agitated to even small upsets? Without proper training, the mind doesn’t tell the body how to return to a baseline state of calmness. The result is an accumulation of stress in the body.

A simple and effective way to restore calm to the body in any situation is to breathe deeply and fully into the belly. Stephen asked us participants to practise diagphramatic breathing while applying light touch to one area of the body holding pain or excess tension. We spent a few minutes studying the affect of breath with touch and the result was palpable softness and ease.

Sounds easy… and it was! Thank you Stephen and SIConnect for this informative neuroscience education.