This four day workshop covered many themes; all related to using the body as a vehicle for healing. The difference between using the body to heal (“bottom up processing”) vs. the brain to heal (“top down processing”) is that the body can sequence and release egoic emotions (anger, fear, sadness) where as the brain needs.. read more →

As I walk into a room, I take in with my eyes the shape of the room, the brightness of the lights, the presence of other people. Sight is the primary sense from which most humans receive information about their surroundings. Eye movement helps determine what exactly we think we see. If our gaze is.. read more →

The endocrine glands are a system; Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen repeated the glands’ significance as a system a few times during the workshop and I have made several parallels between this observation and her unique teaching style. I heard BBC say that each member of the group must be ready before the community as a whole.. read more →

Its not everyday that one has the opportunity to study and learn from a true pioneer; not an instructor, or a teacher but a genuine original thinker. I was fortunate enough to study with one for three full days- and in Vancouver! No travel necessary! The title of the workshop, “Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) From.. read more →

I have been asked by a colleague about tango dancing and lordosis…The following is my response based on my experience with tango and Structural Integration. I refer to the follower as a woman and the leader as a man solely for the purpose of easy clarification. The posture of the close embrace involves a slight.. read more →